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EC-LIB Function Library Logo

EC-LIB® | Demo

The functions provided in this demo version are part of the basic package and are precompiled to be used on a PC for evaluation.

The demo version contains the functions:

Multiplication: multiplication of two numbers a and b
Square: calculating the square of a number
Is Equal: comparison of two fixed point values with different shift factors
Is Less Or Equal: comparison whether the first number is less or equal to the other

About us

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EC-LIB Function Library Logo
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Eclipseina supports you all around Embedded Software Development – we offer trainings, consulting and the EC-LIB® Fixed Point Library. Empower Embedded!

The EC-LIB® Fixed Point Library is a modular library of Embedded C software functions. Regularly needed functions are implemented as optimized software routines.

Die Embedded Academy ist eine Weiterbildungsakademie für die Embedded Branche und bietet ein systematisches und modular aufgebautes Weiterbildungsprogramm.

Embedded Academy is a training academy which is dedicated to the embedded domain. It offers a systematic and modular education program for engineers.


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