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EC-LIB® | Demo

The functions provided in this demo version are part of the basic package and are precompiled to be used on a PC for evaluation.

The demo version contains the functions:

Multiplication: multiplication of two numbers a and b
Square: calculating the square of a number
Is Equal: comparison of two fixed point values with different shift factors
Is Less Or Equal: comparison whether the first number is less or equal to the other

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Eclipseina supports you all around Embedded Software Development – we offer trainings, consulting and the EC-LIB® Fixed Point Library. Empower Embedded!

EC-LIB Function Library Logo

The EC-LIB® Fixed Point Library is a modular library of Embedded C software functions. Regularly needed functions are implemented as optimized software routines.

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Embedded Academy is a training academy which is dedicated to the embedded domain. It offers a systematic and modular education program for engineers.

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